I am French, living in Finland since 2008. I used to play tennis at the national level when I was a kid and started to coach tennis from the age of 17. After several years in the Human resources area (Learning & Development and Recruitment), I became certified business coach and started helping employees to develop their potential.

Quickly and while continuing business coaching, I found who I was as a coach and became a certified mental coach for professional athletes. Thanks to my multi-disciplinary coaching background (Business & Sport), I have been helping for months athletes, teams, staff, employees, individuals to develop their potential and reach their goals. I also helped athletes competing with their national teams in various sports. I am an authentic and supportive coach who will lead you to enhanced confidence by unlocking your potential.

I have been doing this mainly through on-line or remote coaching (‘Skype’, ‘Whatsapp’, ‘Zoom’, ‘phone’) and also face-to-face. The way I work is very flexible and can be delivered to different countries.

Please see here a few examples of what athletes, teams, coaches, players archived thanks to our work together.