My services

A few examples of achievements


  • Qualification of the Finnish (male) national team for the play off of the European Championship 2021
  • Best national female volley-ball player
  • Transfer from first division (Finnish championship) to first division (Italian championship)
  • Qualification of national team for the European Championship (2018) through coaching of its two best players

Ice hockey

  • Mental coach in NHL/AHL/Finnish SM-Liiga etc
  • On-going work with several players of the French national team
  • Mental coach of the professional team of Grenoble (French champion)
  • Top 10 forward of ‘Mestis’ championship (second division, Finland)
  • Top 5 defensemen of ‘Mestis’ championship
  • Transfer from ‘Mestis’ to Extraliiga (first division, Czech Republic)
  • Transfer from ‘Mestis’ to SM Liiga (first division, Finland)
  • Transfer from NCAA to ECHL (USA)
  • Coaching of ‘Head Coaches’ French championship (first division)
  • Coaching of ‘Head Coaches’ French championship (second division)
  • Delivery of workshops on mental coaching to Finnish professional teams (face-to-face and remotely)


  • Best player season 2019-2020 (first division, Finland)
  • Speaker at the national (Finnish) training center (2021)
  • Team winner of the regular championship 2018-2019 (first division, Finland)
  • Team winner of the Finnish ‘cup’
  • Start in the basket-ball national team (Finland)
  • Transfer of a player from the weakest to the second best team in half-season
  • Transfer of a coach from the Finnish championship to the German one (Bundesliga)

Track and field

  • Personal best beaten (long distance running – Track and field, 2020)
  • Preparation work in view of the Olympic games in Tokyo (2021)


  • Return to top-performance of 18 athletes/players following long injury
  • Mental coach of the international ice-hockey camp ‘Camp 21’ (Chamonix, France)

I deliver mental & coaching services helping athletes, teams, staff, organisations, people to reach their goal

The way I work is rather different from other methodology for the following reasons:

  1. My personality will support your performance. You can trust me.
  2. The way I work is more practical and straightforward. After just a few sessions, you will be able to use the tools and your performance will increase
  3. I will help you to find the key things of your performance and will challenge you til you are able to apply those by yourself.
  4. I will support you as much as I won’t hesitate to tell you what I think in case of performance blockage
  5. You and I will commit to a clear action plan. After each session. You will take actions
  6. I will ‘wider’ your perspective bringing my international experience (working with different nationalities)
  7. I will share with you tools from both business & sport areas since I have 19 years of experience in businesses and am a ex-athlete myself
  8. I am well aware of the challenges faced by Finnish athletes/managers. I commit to help you to overcome fear of failure, lack of trust as well as other performance blockages
  9. The way I work is very flexible. In case of needs, I am always happy to help’