Turn what you do into something you like

Do you have the impression you do what you do because you ‘have’ to. If the answer is yes, there is nothing wrong with it as long as you pro-actively and regularly seek for making it as you really like. Do not look for your dream job, just turn the one you have in something that fulfils you even only from time to time. This is in your hands ! Athletes or employees are in the same boat. If they have the impression they do their job only to make a living, this is a signal for them saying they have to do something to change it. Again, not necessarily changing job (that can of course sometimes be the right response but is not that easy to do) but turning the one you have in something you can enjoy even if this is only from time to time. If you do so, then this could take you to unexpected results and a new way of seing things that is already a huge archivement.

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