What is relevant and what is not

In sport or business, athletes or employees build their experience through events. Positive or negative. After those events, the challenge is for them to separate what is relevant and what is not. For instance, if a business project has failed, employees should pay attention to the things that worked well and those that can be improved further (as opposed to look for mistakes, who made them etc). What is irrelevant is to focus too much on the outcome without looking at the process or focusing too much on something that has happened in the past for which we have no control on. In the sport area for instance, an athlete having recovered from a serious injury and who doubt about their ability to perform well again should try to ‘park’ this past memory (the injury did happen and nothing can be done about it). One of the key thing here is to switch from the ‘irrelevant’ to the ‘relevant’ part that could be, in such case, the experience gained by the athlete in terms of injury’s management as well as many others more ‘positive’ aspects.


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