Mental coaching for athletes

‘My experience with Fréd was really good this year. Through the ups and down in a season having someone in your corner like Fréd to help you through the bad times and be there for you in the good times, I was really fortunate to have worked with him !’

Phil Marinaccio, Best scorer ‘Ligue Magnus’ (Ice-Hockey), season 2021/22

‘Professional and easily approachable. Talking with him was easy from the beginning. Ready to help’

Lauri Kerminen (Leader Finnish volley-ball National Team)

“Fréd played a key role in my progression since we meet. I learnt to become more consistant as ice-hockey players. He helped me to concentrate more on myself and to avoid paying too much attention t external factors. But his most significant impact on me has been as the person. He gave me the keys for becoming more confident, more aware of my achievements and happier.”

Hugo Gallet (Defensmen French ice-hockey team)

“My collaboration with Frédéric has been important in my journey on and off the court. We started working together during ’18-’19 season and even after a year of work, I still got a lot of good suggestions on how I could improve my game, but also be helpful with my teammates. As a player I knew that certain situations have been hard for me and the reason has been in my head. Dealing with fears, excitement, fatigue etc. can do harm or you can you use them to your benefit. The Conversations with him have made me a better player on the court, but also made me more thoughtful and focused off the court. I really suggest every athlete to give it a try; mental fitness doesn’t have any limits and you can always improve.”
Henri Kantonen
Best player of the season 2019-2020 (Finland)
Player of the Finnish national team
Pro B season 2020-2021 (Aix-Maurienne, France)

“Frederic has helped me a lot of playing more freely and enjoy the game more. I have been able to become less hard to myself and accept mistakes and move on more guickly. A big thing we have worked for is to balance my personal life and try to get thoughts off from ice hockey. Because of that I have felt less tired and have been able to perform better. Maybe the biggest thing I like working with frederic is his positive attitude and I feel I get that more and more to myself also all the time by him.”

Anonymous, professional ice-hockey player, Liiga

“Working with Frederic has helped me to find the right mind-set while playing. Because of that it’s been easier to take more responsibility on the court and the results has been good so far. It’s nice to have a chat with Frederic about something that bothers you. I would recommend mental coaching to every athlete.”

“Fred helped me see myself as both a stronger person and a stronger athlete. He helped me develop strategies to have success and surpass my potentia on a daily level. Although Fred is my mental coach, we developed a friendship and had conversations that helped me attain my objectives and constantly strive to be a better version of myself. Thank You Fred!”
Kyle Hardy
Professional Hockey player, Grenoble

Aatu Kivimäki (Basket-ball, first league player, Finland)

“I think the most eye-opening discovery about working with Frederic was seeing what I am in fact capable of. You don’t know yet how much answers you already have inside of you – sometimes you just need someone to help you find them. Plus, you will find new ways of thinking and learn new techniques – use it all wisely and you will be surprised how mental strength can improve your physical performance!”

Kertu Laak, volley-ball player, National team of Estonia

“We (me and my players) started co-operation with Frederic in the summer of 2018. Frederic has been really easy to talk to about difficult subjects in coaching. Maybe because he is an “outsider” in basketball and does not have pre-determined thoughts but also because of his perspective and experiences as an athlete, coach and human resources professional. He is never judgemental towards you. He tries to help you find ways for small improvements every day. I like his practical approach. There is no magic pills or silver bullet but rather small things I can do daily better in order to improve. I have understood that for me to become the best possible coach, I have to start enjoying also game coaching under pressure more. Find satisfaction outside of results and prizes in my daily work. Also having balance in life outside of basketball is key for me to become the best coach I can be. Sometimes less work can be better instead of 24/7 thinking, watching and working. I am still far away where I want to be as a coach but with help from Frederic I am already a lot less judgemental towards myself. I highly recommend Frederic to all athletes and coaches that want to improve on the mental side.”

Joonas Isalo (Salon Vilpas Head Coach)


“Mental coaching has given me a better perspective on challenging things in sports and in life with a help of a professional. Also just the fact that you can reflect your thoughts to a person who is expert on the field can be a huge advantage. I think it can help people find their mindset in which they perform the best and are the most happiest in. Fred has helped me on my journey to find both.”

Peetu Makinen (Finnish national volley-ball team)


“Following a very challenging year for me because of injuries, I started to work on my mental toughness after a mix previous experience with a mental coach. But I was lucky to meet Fréd…It works right away. He had the right words. His positive energy is contagious. Thanks to him, we find a deep purpose from simplicity. He is a ‘game changer’. I truly recommend.”

Malo Ville (Forward French ice-hockey team)

Business coaching

“I had the pleasure to work with Frédéric in coaching and people development area. Frédéric is an inspiring and unique coach who helps you to unlock your potential.

I truly recommend Frédéric to you, if you are looking for an authentic coach and want to perform at your best. He possesses a strong ability to build the trust with people.”

Tiina Hutzfeld / Talent Management Professional 


“I had the pleasure to meet Fréd during my own coaching training journey and to engage with him as a peer coach and beyond. I consider Fréd a mindful, attentive and effective professional who will help you build skills to see yourself more clearly, leverage your existing strengths, get curious about your own areas of improvement, and build more productive relationships.”

Cornelia Erschen /Chef de la communication, NOVARTIS (Bale, Suisse)


“Fréd is a coaching professional whose real strength is to use positive dialogue to help his customers realise their own strengths. He can make you to find a new direction and possibilities to influence your own life. Frédéric’s way of working is solution oriented and encouraging.”

Kirsi Koivumäki-Jaatinen, HR Manager Renoa Group Oy


“I have had a pleasure of working with Freddie, him being a sport coach and  a business coach. In business coaching we were dealing matters and issues concerning my work.

Those meetings were very useful for me, in many ways. We found together new ways on which to build my daily activities. In general I was able to share the ideas and thoughts, maybe concerns also, relating my work. I found it very useful. All in all, it has always been a great pleasure working with Freddie, as he is such a professional in coaching, but most of all – a great guy!

Janne Hyvärinen, Development manager, City of Salo


“Coaching with Fréd has been one of the most powerful experiences in my life. Thanks to our sessions I am finally back on track. It is not only about my professional path but also my personal day-to-day life. I know who I am, where I am, and where I want to b. Thank you Fréd for bringing back my self confidence and awareness that it is me who is able to move forward !”

Anna D. Scientific officer, European Chemicals Agency EN (Business)